3 Reasons to publish a printed catalog 

in the smartphone and all-digital era 

The widespread use of our smartphone, the ease of searching on a famous search engine and the development of websites for any company today raise questions about what is the point of producing a paper catalog.

Moreover, the technical production of a catalog is not necessarily cheap, simply because of the price of paper.

A catalog is a way to showcase your company  

Often perceived as a top-of-the-range product, due to the quality of the paper, visuals and layout, catalogs remain products that are highly appreciated by customers and professionals. 

When you have to make the cover of your catalog, you need to think about the first impression you want to give of your company: it is often what will make you want to open it, to leaf through it.

Catalogs add a physical dimension to customers relationship, indeed they are kept for a longer period of time, so your customer or prospect can consult them depending on his or her needs and research.

They can even become convivial items that allow people to exchange, discuss and share.

 Catalogs are real sales tools

Unlike an online consultation on which you have little control, a catalog allows you to drag the reader wherever you want, thanks to the construction of your flat-plan. It is up to you to position the products according to the path of the eye in the page and give them the importance you want according to your business goals.

An important point for the customer who wants to remain in control of his journey: even if you have designed the flat-plan according to your commercial strategy, it is up to him/her to roam from one chapter to the next as well as in the departments of a store, without necessarily going in through a single door. This freedom is particularly appreciated by our current customers.

In an omnichannel strategy, your printed catalog is perfectly complementary to your digital strategy: thanks to augmented reality content, you can lead readers to your digital content, at the same time allowing them to be customized or updated faster. An outstanding technological match to use for increased commercial performance.

The French are particularly fond of paper, especially catalogs

According to a Toluna study published in June 2017, conducted among 10 countries worldwide (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States), 62% of French people prefer paper catalogs to digital media. Not only do they feel better recognized when they receive paper mail vs. digital mail, but they find that paper communication is less intrusive, less disruptive, offering better understanding.

And not to mention, it probably remains a more ecological medium than an Internet consultation since it is almost always printed today on paper made from sustainably managed forests, whereas an Internet search consumes as much as a 12 kW light bulb for 1 hour or so and if the Internet was a country, it would be the 5th largest electricity consumer in the world.

Printed catalogs therefore still have a long lifespan ahead of them and a very special place in our customers’ purchasing habits.


Willemse France published its catalogue in only 1O days!