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The context

Airbus has deployed Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), the website published by Adobe to manage its content. Simple Workspace has been integrated into AEM to handle printed publications.

The challenges

Simplify content retrieval from AEM to prepare the publication master. Decline the publication in all the
languages in highly automated ways as possible.

The scenario

From AEM, the editor creates or opens a publication plan in order to place the editorial content of AEM (articles, images, etc.) within the pages of the magazine, then selects the layout template to be used.

The editor can preview the pages from the InDesign server and use the online flat-plan to implement minor changes to the layout.

The workflow is defined in such a way that designers can receive an alert to extract the pages, to make layout adjustments with InDesign Desktop and review the pages in the solution.

An automated process generates the summary as well as the translated versions for the selected countries, i.e. into 4 languages.



“J2S publishing solution helped us enhance our digital content on print media such as our magazine targeted to all employees of the commercial aeroplane division and our local “newsletters“. We are satisfied with the overall efficiency of the magazine production workflow. Our Adobe Experience Manager CMS pilots the whole process: magazine pages are produced with AEM content, presented in J2S digital flatplan and fine-tuned by our studio using InDesign. Even tables of content are managed by the solution!
We also saved a great amount of time with the various multilingual versions of the magazines: as content is already translated in AEM, the master publication is automatically versioned in the 4 target languages with controlled autonomy given to country managers to deal with their “local“ pages. J2S team offers an extensive knowledge of Adobe Creative Software and perfectly masters Print constraints. These were two prerequisites to launch our Proof Of Concept.

Laurent Fradin
Digital Transformation Leader, Airbus

Airbus’s internal journal

Produced in few clicks thanks top the flat-plan.


The AEM tool

A tool facilitating the publication of print data from AEM.