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J2S was created in 1999 to design and develop software that simplifies and automates publishing processes.

The alliance with Adobe and the development of the technological platform

Following on from past experience, J2S has developed its first DAM, the first of its kind to be used by Citroën and the Boston Consulting Group.

But very quickly, the partnership with Adobe was to prove a key factor; J2S became Adobe’s technology partner and began to develop solutions based on leading software such as Acrobat, Photoshop and Illustrator as well as the very recent InDesign, which would become the essential DTP software.

Adobe introduced J2S to Ouest France to support its editorial system: this is how the technological foundation that has always been maintained began, enabling it to manage the software that has since become the Creative Cloud.

The development of the first collaborative platforms for production agencies

In 2003, eg+ worldwide, TBWA’s production platform requested J2S. The purpose was to allow a non-DTP expert audience to enter translations directly into Nissan’s vehicle brochures.

Within a few weeks, J2S had simplified the translators’ work using a web application that ran InDesign.

This application is now available in Simple Workspace, the solution released by J2S in 2018.

2005, another decisive meeting: J2S is requested by a communication agency that wanted to implement a vision, which was to involve its customers in the production of promotional media. J2S developed the first collaborative production platform that many retailers will use.

J2S, the Software publisher

In 2013, J2S decided to reconsider the architecture of its solution in order to move towards an “App Store” for the graphic arts: multi-account, multi-application, and multi-base solutions as a way of continuing to manage the specific needs of customers on a common and scalable basis.

The new Simple Workspace platform was starting to produce.

Today, the solution is used by communication agencies, B2B and B2C advertisers, manufacturers, tourism players, press publishers, book publishers, etc.

The flexibility of Simple Workspace allows J2S to have a cross-sectoral presence (books, catalogs, flyers, posters, ILVs, etc.).

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