Founded in 1965, ACE is the second biggest automobile club in Germany with over 650,000 members.
Supported by Adobe and comwrap, our integrator partner, ACE is leading its digital transition.

In this context, ACE has chosen to implement the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) solution with the objective of de-siloing its services. AEM DAM centralizes assets to make them available to internal content producers; AEM Site is the CMS that allows content to be produced and distributed independently of the communication media concerned. [1]

In this way, communication combines paper and digital to become one!

The production of Lenkrad magazine

ACE publishes a magazine with a circulation of around 90,000 copies to inform readers about cars, mobility, leisure, and travel.

To speed up the production of its magazine, ACE was convinced by the ease of use of Simple Workspace. Content is created in AEM in a media-agnostic way. Articles and assets are then associated with an issue of the magazine and automatically retrieved by the Simple Workspace connector for AEM.

About 15 users use Simple Workspace to build the magazine’s publication path.

An iterative approach

The modules

When the project was launched with a strong time constraint (3 months to produce the first issue), the graphic charter of the magazine was still being redesigned. It would have been too simple otherwise! Only the need for strong creativity was defined! To stay on schedule, we started by creating “freestyle” modules that allow the “components” of an article to be positioned individually on the pages, such as the title, the heading, an image, an exergue, etc.

With these elements in place, the training of users were able to begin fairly early in the project, training that allowed for some adjustments to be made, particularly in terms of workflow.

As the graphic charter of the sections was validated, more complete modules were put in place. This allows automating with one click the layout of recurring articles from one publication to another, such as the editorial, the ” Pros, and Cons “, etc.

Planning issue

To produce the magazine on time, the following steps were defined:

  • Validation of articles in AEM,
  • Placement of articles in the railroad pages by the editors,
  • Finalization of the pages by the graphic studio,
  • Proofreading by the editor-in-chief,
  • Sending to the printer.

For the following issues, we were interested in the reservation of advertising space as well as in the planning of the contents.

Indeed, to produce a magazine, the editorial staff meets to decide on the subjects to be featured and to define their characteristics. At this stage, the content does not yet exist in AEM.
The flexibility of Simple Workspace’s data model, which can handle different data sources, has helped us. The editorial staff can create “topic” files, associate them with a topic, define the theme and the number of pages involved.
This method is used to manage all the advertising formats offered by ACE.

Like the articles from AEM, these cards are then deposited in the flat plan to reserve the spaces.


By combining the “topics” and “ads” sheets, the editorial staff and the advertising department can view and share the progress of the content and ad planning.

Please take a look at the result on the publisher’s website: the PDF of the publication is available here.

To speed up the production of your publications, connect your CMS to our flat plan, contact us, we will be delighted to exchange!

Richard Loubéjac,
Co-founder of J2S