Generate all your media with Simple Workspace

Create all your communication materials automatically from your text and image data sources. Automate your workflow to quickly produce a ready-to-use document and save time!

Catalogs, magazines & leaflets

Create a product or service catalog in no time with internal and external stakeholders actively involved in the production chain!
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In-Store displays & labels

Create in-store communication media (posters, labels, etc.) for your points of sale while respecting your company’s branding!
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Product & technical specifications sheets

Create product sheets using data from your information systems and localized according to your target markets!
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Collection books & overviews

plan de collection automatisé avec workflow de données importé dans workspace J2S
Automate the creation and updating of your collection books and overviews by connecting them to your PLM data and free up your teams’ creativity!
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Books, magazines & reviews

Automate the generation of your book layouts and benefit from “digital first” to cut the production time of your print and digital publications by fifty percent!
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Custom made…

A specific project? Our experts are here to help you. Connect your data, and involve your team members and suppliers with our collaborative solutions… Our experts have a solution for you!
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Increase your ROI and optimize the production of your publications

Save time on your production

Save time on your production!

Start with a standard format

Start with a standard format

Integrate your data and automate your production

Integrate your data and automate your production

Automate your documents with Simple Workspace

7 main steps

InDesign template definition

  • Definition of the specifications
  • Proposal of templates

Data integration / workflows

  • Definition of the specifications
  • Template design suggestion

Document editing

  • Catalogs and leaflets
  • In-store branding and labels
  • Collection books and overview

Review, correction, modification

  • Annotation
  • Personnalization
  • Modification

Translation of the document

  • Translation workflow
  • Translation localization
  • Editing

Pre-packaged document

  • Different types of formats: PDF, InDesign, JPEG, Excel…
  • Ready for printing

Follow-up and support

  • Help with getting started
  • Production assistance
  • Support

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