Collection books and overviews

  • Time saving
  • Promote and exhibit your collections
  • Organize your product range
  • Improve decision making

Why should you choose Simple Workspace to automate the creation of your collection books and overviews?

Free your creative teams from constraining tasks by automating the production of your collection books and overvoews! Our solutions are particularly suitable for the fashion, textile, design and creative industries.

Generate automatically your documents

Empower collection managers by allowing them to generate and update collection books, summary boards, or overviews easily and without the need to call upon the graphic design studio!

Connect your PLM

To secure the information displayed on your visual collection books and overviews, Simple Workspace can connect to your PLM to retrieve the text and image information of your products and their colorways.

Combine, display and enrich the products in your collection

Increase your productivity by sorting products by material, seasons, colors, etc.! And select the items you need right away in less than a click.

Share your collection books and overviews

In the Simple Workspace Flatplan, page previews are updated instantly for all users. Easily share documents with your teams to improve decision-making!

J2S Template maker for collection books, overviews and flatplans Adobe

J2S Template Maker, an Adobe Illustrator extension

J2S has developed J2S Template Maker, an extension designed specifically for Adobe Illustrator. It allows the creation of documents in Illustrator that can be easily modified in a collaborative way. Afterward, the templates can be used in the PLM.

Automate the generation and update of your collection books and overviews

6 main steps

Layout definition

Data integration workflow

Setting up the workflows for the approval of collection books and overviews

Production of collection books and overviews in digital or print-ready PDF format

Training sessions to help you get started

Follow-up and support

  • Help to get started
  • Production assistance
  • Support

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Productivity issues in the fashion design industry

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