J2S is pleased to share with you the news of its latest technology partnership: collaboration with Gutenberg Technology for the book publishing industry.

The two companies’ solutions, GT’s MyEcontentFactory and J2S Book Publishing, have partnered to enable publishers of illustrated books to create a true SimPub (simultaneous publishing) experience by targeting content for digital, print or both at the same time, with an immediate preview of the print format without going through the graphics studio.


By integrating the J2S platform into Gutenberg’s MyEcontentFactory 7.0 SaaS solution, educational service providers can now successfully master the publishing process to create digital and print media without having to go through a long production phase with the pre-press team.

“Publishers cannot imagine being able to automate their print production and have not all successfully centralized their processes,” says Gjergj Demiraj, CEO of Gutenberg Technology, US. “We focus on simplifying and automating everything that affects our customers’ production processes, and that means recognizing the ever present need to print. Print automation enables publishers to truly move to digital-based production, which translates into several months of production cycle gains, faster time-to-market while freeing resources for interactive digital asset creation.”

“With GT’s structured authoring tool combined with J2S’s strong layout automation capabilities, we offer book publishers an extremely powerful solution to drastically reduce the time and costs associated with publishing processes,” explains Richard Loubéjac, co-founder and CEO of J2S. “We believe we can transform the industry in a sustainable way. By turning to a “digital first” approach, publishers are giving themselves the means to industrialize their print production and accelerate the marketing of all their organization’s media.”

J2S currently works with Airbus, Best Western France, Nissan, and Renault Trucks. Combined with MyEcontentFactory, this partnership allows companies and publishers to start by creating digital content associated with print, digital, or both publication channels. Content editors can at any time launch a “Print Preview” and receive a print-ready PDF version. This automatic generation is based on a layout template that associates a typical content element with a print layout. Designers can then download InDesign files, modify them and reintegrate them at any time.

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About Gutenberg Technology

Gutenberg Technology was founded in 2010 to offer publishers a leading SaaS platform, MyEcontentFactory, that revolutionizes the learning experience. It extends to all industries, Gutenberg Technology offers unique digital learning available on tablets, smartphones and the Internet. Through MyEcontentFactory, traditional content can now be transformed into learning elements, easy to write or edit, identify and distribute across all channels in moments. Gutenberg Technology collaborates with organizations as varied as the French Ministry of Education, the Cambridge Press University, Pearson, Cengage Learning, VitalSource, and Roche.

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About J2S

Founded in 1999, J2S (Just Simple Solutions) is an expert leader in Print. J2S designs and develops Simple Workspace, a SaaS solution that redefines the way companies manage and publish digital content. Content from various sources such as PIMs, ERPs, websites or MyEcontentFactory from Gutenberg Technology, is then ingested and understood by Simple Workspace and used to automatically or collaboratively generate any type of Print publication: such as catalogues, books, brochures, leaflets, magazines, etc. Simple Workspace is the easiest and smartest way to move from digital content to print publications, saving time and money for any publisher.

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