“100 labels generated in 1 minute”

The context

Lapeyre, is a French specialist in sustainable home design, offers quality, adaptable and accessible products.
Lapeyre is driving Simple Workspace using a web service to industrialize the production of labels designed to present clear and precise information on the products displayed in its stores.


The challenges

Mass or on-demand production of labels to be displayed in stores using STIBO’s PIM/MDM data to guarantee the quality of the information. Provide sales managers with the means to quickly and easily obtain up-to-date product labels that are consistent with the brand image.


The scenario

The seller requests his labels directly in the information system. The Web Service, based on the Publish-In solution, launches the automatic generation of labels: from checking data (text, image and price) to editing a PDF file (ready to be printed in the right format). The result is sent to the Lapeyre store’s information system in less than a second per label.


Lapeyre's thoughts on it


After more than a year of research into a solution to automate the generation of our single-product or multi-product labels, the discovery of Publish-In will provide our customers with up-to-date and quality information to improve their choice of product in-store.
J2S has worked closely with our internal teams. This collaboration has enabled the integration of the Web Service and Publish-In into our MDM and business tools to generate labels that comply with our charter and management rules.
We hope that J2S’s publishing capabilities integrated into our information system will help our sales teams to animate stores according to promotional needs and our customers to discover our products more easily.

Jérémy GUYOT, Merchandising Manager


Lapeyre label examples

Labels are automatically generated with Publish-In Simple Workspace.

Making a label

One last data control in Simple MOM.