The J2S team

Ranked 124th French software publisher in 2021 in the category of “horizontal publishers” in the twelfth edition of the ranking published by Distributique this month, J2S is steadily growing.

This ranking is still modest, but it reflects our commitment to transparency, and also reflects several consecutive years of steady growth, during which the team of experienced and passionate professionals that characterizes J2S has been built.

During these years, the J2S integration team has successfully completed many diverse publishing projects, some of them international: catalogs, magazines, books, sales support tools, web platform feeds, product sheets, translations, etc. An impressive diversity!

During these years, the R&D team has been constantly developing the Simple Workspace SaaS solution to make it even more efficient.

Years of uninterrupted work, materialized by the knowledge and expertise accumulated by the J2S teams and the customers who work with the solution, and also materialized within the Simple Workspace software.

As for any company, moving forward is not an easy task. However, the evolution of J2S has been done without any major disruptions, which means that the aggregation of knowledge and achievements has been continuous and significant, and constitutes a real “intangible capital”.

So, where will we rank next year?

Simple Workspace is today a multi-purpose global publishing platform that helps companies streamline and produce publications.

For a large group such as Saint Gobain Bâtiments de France, this means having a unifying tool around which their teams will provide subsidiaries and stores with the means to publish a whole range of products in a rational and economical way: flyers, interactive terminals, PDF product sheets, catalogs, ILV, etc.

For an educational company like National Geographic Learning, this means regularly producing printed or electronically published books for their students in a workflow with editors and translators.

For a German magazine like ACE, it means producing a 920,000-circulation monthly magazine in partnership with the editors, the graphic design studio, and the printer.

And for a company such as Bruneau, it means having a tool that can combine a wide variety of content to produce high-quality catalogs, feed images to its websites, and provide its sales representatives with instantly generated product sheets.

Each of J2S’ customers uses the platform according to their own needs, which is why these examples only reflect a small part of the uses. For a more complete picture, I invite you to check out the blog.

So, where will we be in the rankings next year?

It’s hard to say, as our fellow software companies are also performing well! And does it really matter?

What matters to us is J2S’ ability to address the publishing needs of companies, who need and want to publish increasingly accurate information, delivered over multiple channels: so many points of contact with their market.

And what is important to our clients is to be able to confirm every day that they have chosen an experienced and responsive team that is solid and durable.

How about you? What are your publishing needs?

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David Lantier,
Business developer