In the meantime, J2S reveals its Publish-In Suite platform version 2.0.

To realize this evolution, J2S relied on the needs of its users in order to offer them a version in coherence with their expectations.

J2S has made Publish-In Suite upgrade its functionalities while rethinking the ergonomics of the platform:

  • Publish-In Suite, automatically manages the translation of publications into different languages. Documents are localized and translations are integrated into your masters, are available in the targeted languages and are immediately integrated into the platform. To facilitate the translation or pre-translation of your publications, import the texts directly from your Excel or native files into the platform and save time;
  • The solution is enriched in connection with SnapPress. Create a new and emotional connection with your customers with products presented in an original and differentiating way that you can enrich with augmented reality;
  • The platform provides a general overview of the current folders and files, allowing you to quickly access your files thanks to the shortcuts and favorites created;
  • Use a platform with a theme customized according to your preferences.

This new version is more than ever able to help you align your omnicanal content productions with your business strategy.

Here are some visuals of version 2.0.

The highlights

A new home page



A new picture gallery / DAM






The flatplan

The Wizard

The wizard for creating page editing projects for translation, corrections, customization or online localization.