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Meetings, beliefs, and convictions

In the 1990s, Georges and Richard decided to join Jean-Yves, who at that time was the publisher of a pioneering DAM used by the press all over the world. With a strong conviction, they decided to create J2S: designing simple and powerful solutions.

Human relations are at the heart of J2S’s concerns: the greatest satisfaction? To build lasting relationships with customers and partners who are still at its side after 20 years and, more exceptional for a software company, with a very stable team. Today, the founding shareholders are still active and J2S can count on the skills of Nicolas, Olivier, Hugo, David, Damien, Taoufik, Corentin, Caroline, Pierre, Issagha, Sandrine, Éric, Christophe…

A succession of innovations

In 2000, we were awarded the National Competition for the Creation of Innovative Technology Companies by the Ministry of Research and the AES 2000 Award in the Innovation Category for our first DAM used by Citroën and the Boston Consulting Group.

These first successes are leading us to new innovations.

As an Adobe technology partner, J2S is starting to develop solutions around leading software such as Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator and especially InDesign, a key DTP application that is also celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Adobe then introduced us to Ouest France to support them in the implementation of their editorial system. It is the birth of our technological foundation to drive the software that has since become “Creative Cloud”.

In 2003, J2S met eg+ worldwide, an advertising production agency that is part of the TBWA group. The objective: to enable a non-DTP expert population to enter translations directly into Nissan vehicle brochures using a browser. This is how one of the very first solutions for editing InDesign documents online was born.

Note: This application has been available since 2018 in Publish-In Suite, the solution we edit.

Innovation continues! In 2006, in order to accelerate production cycles and reduce costs, we developed the first collaborative production platform: customers are now directly involved in the production of their promotional materials. This provides agencies with a real customer relationship management tool for their production.

How to reinvent yourself

Whatever the difficulties, the dedication of the team and the trust of customers and partners make it possible to solve the most complex problems.

With the arrival of HTML5 technology, we decided to reinvent the solution in 2013 to create an “App Store” for graphic arts: multi-account, multi-application and multi-base solution to continue to manage the specific needs of customers on a common and scalable platform.

The challenge is huge: we have to review all our user interfaces developed so far with Flex technology, which Adobe has decided to abandon. The challenge is met with the help of our customers: a few months later, the new Publish-In Suite platform accessible in SaaS begins to produce.

J2S relies on the flexibility of its Publish-In Suite to ensure a cross-sectoral presence (books, catalogs, flyers, posters…). Today, the 100% made in France solution, of which we have full control, is used by communication agencies, B2B and B2C advertisers, manufacturers, tourism operators, press publishers, book publishers, etc.

What about now?

To pursue our growth, we have initiated a continuous improvement process:

– The Publishing division is in charge of the roadmap and the quality of the software,

– The Integration division is in charge of the success of projects and the support of customers in production.

– Strengthening the network of partners to increase our capacity to support our customers tenfold.

– The launch of our User Club days to exchange ideas with our customers and partners. The main aim: to remain connected to the issues they are facing.

Thanks to the diversity of experience gained, our capacity for innovation and our vision of the importance of the user experience, we aim to play the role of leading experts in the world of omnichannel content publishing.

We are ready to offer you another 20 years of “simple solutions”!