Our References

Aurélien Bernard,

 The main advantage of this pre-production PIM is to combine the data
on a common workflow that brings together and coordinates all the participants: from customer product managers, photographers and copywriters to translators, all work in a single tool!”

Publishing Manager, Campus France

J2S was able to take into account the specificities of promoting French higher education to an international audience. The result saves substantial costs and time to provide up-to-date information. J2S is very reactive and accompanies Campus France in the best delays to solve any issues we may have.”


Jérémy GUYOT,
Merchandising Manager

After more than a year of research into a solution to automate the generation of our single-product or multi-product labels, the discovery of Publish-In will provide our customers with up-to-date and quality information to improve their choice of product in-store.
J2S has worked closely with our internal teams. This collaboration has enabled the integration of the Web Service and Publish-In into our MDM and business tools to generate labels that comply with our charter and management rules.

Laurent Fradin
Digital Transformation Leader,

J2S publishing solution helped us enhance our digital content on print media such as our magazine targeted to all employees of the commercial aeroplane division.We also saved a great amount of time with the various multilingual versions of the magazines: as content is already translated in AEM. J2S team offers an extensive knowledge of Adobe Creative Software and perfectly masters Print constraints. These were two prerequisites to launch our Proof Of Concept.

Concept Multimedia

“The combination of the know-how of Concept Multimedia, J2S and Adobe InDesign Server has enabled Concept Multimedia to optimize its manufacturing cycle for ever greater customer satisfaction, innovation and cost control. ROI contract fulfilled!

Nadège Thibault,

 Thankfully we have J2S because doing catalogs remotely is possible, it would not have been possible with our old system.