E-commerce has definitely changed the way products and buyers interact. The entire customer s journey in most cases has gone virtual, starting with finding out about the product, through digital advertisements and online marketplaces, all the way to checkout.

The importance of printed catalogs

Often repeated, printed catalogs are as important today as they have always been. They are still part of many companies’ marketing strategies.
Catalogs remain effective tools to establish a strong brand identity and a powerful channel to increase sales. They give potential customers deeper engagement and create more lasting shopper-product relationships.


In order to fully benefit from the power of publishing, it is important to have a structured database. Indeed, with all the existing sales channels, such as marketplaces, online stores, social media, and local stores, it is becoming more and more difficult to have a well-organized information system. This is where our partner Katana PIM comes in.

Katana PIM

Katana PIM is a Dutch company that has been active in the commerce business for nearly 20 years. Their goal is to provide their customers with structured product information to ensure the success of their online business. Selling on different channels, marketplaces and in different languages sets their customers apart from their competitors. With our partner’s solution, companies can automate their workflow and optimize their organization while avoiding any kind of mistakes and time-wasting.

Why choose Katana PIM?

  • An in-house developed platform that allows you to customize every facet of your product content.
  • An improved customer experience to communicate consistent and accurate product information across all sales channels, making your brand recognizable.
  • PIM is fully configurable with all features, which means that customers do not need to customize the platform and perform complex configurations, which lengthens the integration period and leads to unnecessarily high prices.
  • Reduces Time-to-Market by avoiding manual errors while importing and modifying product information faster.
  • Improved team productivity through a collaborative platform where multiple users with different roles and tasks manage their company’s product information together.
  • The provision of a state-of-the-art import workflow mapping module.


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Thanks to the collaboration between J2S and Katana PIM, companies will have full control over their product data. They will be able to retrieve it to create catalogs, flyers, etc., with greater simplicity, providing consistent information across all channels. This development abroad is for both companies an opportunity to expand our network and help you in the development of your business.

If you want to know more, please contact us

Benjamin Chauvel,
Strategic Partnership Manager