Our partners

Since 1999, we have established many partnerships: technological partners, integrators, and agencies.

The Simple Workspace solution is suitable for many industries

Our technology partners


Adobe, the leader in creative solutions

The Creative Cloud opens all doors to creativity and access to Adobe software. These include InDesign, which enables the layout of displays, books, reports, and brochures for print and digital.

Akeneo, an omnichannel approach to distribution using PIM

Akeneo is an expert in Product Information Management (PIM). The solution improves the quality of product data and simplifies omnichannel distribution for catalogs and e-commerce websites.

ARGO, the Augmented Reality Solution

ARGO is a specialist in augmented content, both in digital and printed form. The company offers solutions (augmented reality and interactive PDF) to transform documents into interactive interfaces.

GT, optimizing print and digital products

Gutenberg Technology is a publisher of solutions designed to optimize the creation and multi-channel distribution of print and digital products. GT mainly targets the publishing industry.

Katana PIM, manage your product information

Katana PIM is a Dutch company active in the retail sector. The company provides structured product information to ensure sales across different channels, marketplaces and languages.

Quable, the PIM & DAM solution

Quable, a PIM solution that natively integrates a DAM. The solution is tailored to the needs of e-merchants, offering a range of highly operational functions (import/export, analytics, product sheets, etc.).
Logo Scaleflex

Scaleflex, digital asset management

Scaleflex solutions solve media asset management problems for businesses, simplifying the recurring tasks involved in developing a website, an online store and mobile and desktop applications.
Stibo systems Logo

Stibo Systems, multi-domain master data management

The Stibo Systems solution, called STEP, is a master data management (PIM/MDM) platform with a flexible modular architecture designed to create a source of strategic information accessible to a company’s various business units.

The integrators


Cantor, the data and software engineering specialist

Cantor supports IT and business managers and project leaders in their digital and data projects, from the choice of architecture to the construction of robust, high-performance and sustainable solutions.

Clic2mode, the design process expert

Clic2mode offers expertise in business workflows for fashion and textile collection development.

The agencies


Altavia, brand marketing agency for retailers

Altavia is an agency which combines creativity (ideas, solutions, communication) with the development of integrated solutions for local and international projects.

L'agence Bespoke

Bespoke, the expert in premium brands

Bespoke is a customer relationship marketing agency. Bespoke strategies and creations include branding, content and sales communication.

Reply Comwrap

Comwrap Reply, digital experience platform deployment

Comwrap Reply provides a professional service for customer experience and e-commerce platforms. With their cloud-native strategy (Adobe Experience Cloud and Ibexa DXP), time and costs are optimized.

EasyCom, marketing and communications agency

EasyCom is an expert in data management, print and digital marketing strategy to improve the customer experience.

eg+ worldwide

The eg+ Worldwide group, experts in content production and design

The eg+ Worldwide group is an agency offering content production, translation and localization expertise.


Gutenberg Agency, the creative production agency

Gutenberg Agency is a creative production agency offering brand branding, graphic design, photography, print production and more.

Havas Factory logo

Havas Factory, Havas Group's retail and production agency

The agency is an expert in print and digital production. It combines creative, technological, and support skills. As a member of the Havas group, the agency supports its worldwide clients.

Automate the production of all your documents

Simple Workspace is a collaborative portal that allows you to integrate your data and create the necessary workflows to automatically produce your documents (catalogs, product sheets, technical data sheets, ILV/PLV, mark-ups and brochures).

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