Back in March, we shared in this article the Studio (M) project of Imprimerie Mordacq. This project was divided into 3 main stages:

  • The implementation of an online proofing service;
  • The transformation of customer data to place products in InDesign;
  • The automation of the production of InDesign documents.

Online proofreading service

The first stage “setting up an online proofing service” consisted in setting up the solution so that it faithfully reflected what Studio (M) expected from such a tool:

  • Preparing files to be shared with clients;
  • Launch of the files: client invitation;
  • Proofreading, comments, and validation of pages;
  • On the Studio (M) side, page finalization and flow management.

Based on the “InDesign dematerialization” offered by Simple Workspace:

  • Uploading an Adobe InDesign document;
  • Then share it as a Flatplan in a browser ;
  • With (among others) its annotation and page validation tools.

However, there are many more details to consider! Bringing each client into the tool required examining each point of view and tailoring the tool in order to :

  • Ensure that the workflows are appropriate to the needs;
  • Invite clients to participate in the shared folders of their productions;
  • Make sure that user rights are secure and appropriate;
    that automated mailings are clear and relevant;
  • etc.

Following this process, Studio (M) made this video, and because the video itself speaks for itself, please take a look at it!



Interested in learning more, or in a live demonstration? Contact us: we will be happy to help you.

David Lantier
Business Developer