Technical specifications & Product sheets

  • Time saving
  • Published data always up to date
  • Automated multilingual versions
  • Product charts for your products
  • Product sheets in any required type of file format

Why should you choose Simple Workspace to automate the production of your technical & product sheets?

Industrialize production with data from your information systems connected to Simple Workspace! Secure and control the quality of content by inviting your team members to proofread, correct, translate, etc..

Integrate your text and image data

Simple Workspace integrates data from your MDM, PIM, PLM, ERP, or even Excel and submits them to enrichment workflows to create ready-to-publish product sheets: association of logos, a grouping of products and choice of presentation with the possibility of comparison tables, automation of pictograms, translations and quality controls, validation workflow…

Automatically translate your content

To save time, reduce translation costs, and limit the risk of mistakes, Simple Workspace integrates an automatic translation solution with integrated glossary functions so that you can benefit from already validated translations that you can broadcast to all your files.

Generate one click away product sheets in any format required

When all the data sheets are validated, export them in the format of your choice (PDF, Excel, etc.) to publish them on your resellers’ websites or make them available to your sales representatives for example!

Examples of documents

Automate your technical specifications & product sheets

6 main steps

Definition of the type of sheet

Data integration workflow

Implementation of the follow-up and validation workflow

Automatic translation implementation

Training to help you get started

Follow-up and support

  • Assistance to get started
  • Production assistance
  • Support

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From PIM to PDF product sheets

From PIM to PDF product sheets

Context A customer that we will call AllGazPro [1], a world leader in the gas industry, creates product sheets in PDF format to make them available to the sales representatives of each European entity and to their customers. The objective is to automate the generation...

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