illustrated Book Publishers

Automate your book layout generation to free up time for the production of digital material.

Manage digital and print at the same time

Due to a great increase in communication media, publishers must now share resources between the various production departments.
Indeed, on the delivery of books in paper format, book publishers now have to adapt their contents for the different existing ebook readers as well.

How to publish on multiple media while allocated resources remain the same?

From content to printed books


Content first

Centralizing content and structuring it allows publishers to feed the different publishing channels. The implementation of a long text authoring tool, well-designed like that proposed by our partner Gutenberg Technology, becomes a crucial element of the production process.

A shorter production cycle

Giving the editor the means to directly visualize the result of a layout without going through the graphic studio avoids the traditional multiple return trips especially in the initial phase of a project. The studio is asked to finalize the formatting of the model and not to prepare a first proofreading of the content.
This way, you will save weeks or even months in the production cycle by maximizing the added value of each team/department.

Easy template-based design

The layout generation rules of the documents are perfectly adapted to your graphic charter.
It becomes very simple to refresh an edition or to customize a layout according to the collection, a client, etc.

Free up ressources to ensure your digital transformation!