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Create multilingual product sheets with optimal data quality in order to diffuse them to your distributors.

Quality information for your distributors

For their products, manufacturers create sales support materials that will be used by their distributors.
Product marketing must regularly publish product sheets and ensure that translations are updated with changes in terms of components and therefore technical characteristics of the product being manufactured.


How to optimize the management of your product information during the manufacturing process and reduce translation costs while creating sales support materials?

From your data to product sheets


Detect changes

How much time does your marketing manager spend detecting changes on a product in a production line? The marketing manager and the product managers can visualize the modified products during an update carried out automatically from the Information System (PLM, PIM, Excel).

Quality control

As a key person, the marketing manager controls the information and if necessary improves the marketing description of the products concerned. Depending on the changes, logos and other pictograms are automatically associated with the product information to save even more time. You can reduce your translation costs by soliciting translators to intervene only on the modified text that is missing from the translation memory. To secure the process, you can easily follow the work progress of each contributor until the final validation which is based on the preview of the result.

Free up time for higher added value tasks

As soon as they are validated, product sheets are automatically generated according to the graphic charter defined by your branding. Without further intervention, PDF documents are then sent directly to distributors or made available in a shared folder.

Optimize your product communication!