In-store branding

For well equipped points of sale.
Enable your points of sale to easily and safely customize local communication material provided by your marketing department.

Local marketing in line with global branding


Store managers are often required to create local marketing material related to their available in-store offers: national promotions, the need to stock, react to competition…

On the other hand, marketing and communication managers need to ensure that in-store communication respects the global branding.

How to encourage under pressure employees to create qualitative local communication material that is in line with the global branding?

Quick-start your teams

Your teams are operational right away: thanks to our easily accessible and secure solution, the marketing team, store managers or product managers will be able to carry out their respective duties as efficiently as possible. 

Fill in content once…

Allow your product managers focus on the quality and completeness of the data, by avoiding repetitive tasks such as multiple PIM entries our the famous error prone copy-paste throughout Excel for their operational needs.
Most of the time, product managers tend to manually control and adjust data that had been automatically received from the information system (such as PIM, ERP, PLM).
Brand logos and pictograms are automatically associated with the product information, allowing users to save time.

…For multiple operations

Store managers can easily access product information and presentation templates submitted by the marketing department in order to create their local communication material such posters, data sheets, etc., and then print them locally or through their provider.
If marketing agrees, store managers can be able to customize the product content (price, commercial teaser, visual, etc.) with or without marketing’s approval, but in accordance with the brand’s graphic charter.

Liberate your local communication!