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Create and strengthen the relationship with your clients to reduce by several weeks your publishing process.

A stronger bond with your customers

During the creation of print media, two thirds of the time is spent on the proofreading cycle. Customers require to be involved in the production process to reduce costs and “time to market”.

Now more than ever before, the agency must focus on its core business i.e. Strategy and Creativity.

How to streamline exchanges with a collaborative approach, less low added value tasks to spend more time on creativity?

To stand out: The software

Centralize contents and assets

Recover your customers’ contents and assets to efficiently feed all communication channels.

Customize the environment for each customer

For faster user adoption, create a straight to the point environment giving access to the right business applications and marketing operations only to the users involved.
Each one of your customers can benefit from a tailor-made premedia platform.


Invite your customers to gradually take part in the production process: First to approve pages, leave comments, and when needed, to let them safely copy-edit and add annotations.

Richard Loubéjac

Richard Loubéjac

Cofounder of J2S

 You need to work directly in InDesign to add more creativity to your documents?
Retrieve one or several pages to fine-tune your document or review the layout on your desktop. Once your pages are sent back to the platform, all modifications can be instantly seen by all authorized stakeholders.”

Make your proofreading entertaining and efficient!