Business sectors

Retail, e-commerce

Use your product data and images to create editable and/or printable documents for internal or customer use.

A solution suitable for everyone

Simple WorkSpace allows the automation of the production of catalogs, POS, POP, IOP, and labels…. with respect to branding at all levels of the company.

Points of sale

POInts de vente concevoir et imprimer des etiquettes et de la plv
Edit or print easily POS, POP, IOP, labels, or product labels.
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Central buying service

production de plan de collection planche couleur produits en centrale d'achats

Designing catalogs, collection book overviews… for internal use or for clients.
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production de catalogues, livrets, brochures pour le commerce ou e-commerce
Create print or online catalogs in a collaborative or automatic way based on the data of your online store.
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Issues related to the production of documents in commerce

The department managers in the points of sale often create in the rush supports to be printed to communicate locally on offers: national promotion, need to destock, to react to an operation of the competition…

For his part, the marketing and communication manager of the central must ensure that the members of the sales network respect the image of the brand.

With the advent of omnichannel, its resources are shared with all communication channels. It is necessary to be able to use the resources to simply create online or offline product catalogs and brochures from the available resources.

  • Loss of time
  • Lack of staff, lack of skills
  • Obsolete or wrong information, prices, images
  • Non-standard format
  • Non-respected layout
  • Insufficient autonomy for local sales outlets
  • Provide a consistent multi-channel presence

The Simple Workspace solution is designed for retail and wholesale

Quick and easy to use

Your teams are immediately operational: accessible to everyone using a web browser and in total security, marketing, product managers and department managers carry out their respective tasks in the most efficient way possible.

Centralize content and assets

Retrieve content and assets already validated from your e-commerce platform (Magento, Prestashop…) to facilitate their implementation on all communication media.

For multiple uses on your points of sale...

In his store, the department manager has access to the products and presentation formats proposed by the central office to retrieve his posters, data sheets, etc., and print them locally or with his service provider.

When authorized by the head office, the department manager can personalize the content (a price, a tagline, a visual, etc.) with or without the approval of the network manager, in accordance with the brand’s graphic charter.

Automate media creation

Without increasing the resources of your communications department, create custom promos and catalogs by automating their production.

Keep the ability to unleash creativity by facilitating collaboration with your studio.

Click once, make your points of sale benefit from it...

Give time back to your product managers so that they can focus on the quality and completeness of the data by avoiding multiple entries from the PIM, to copy and paste with a passage in Excel for the needs of an operation.

At the head office, the product managers check and adjust the data automatically retrieved from the information system (PIM, ERP, PLM) as needed. Even brand logos and other pictograms are automatically associated with the product information to save even more time.

Develop a genuinely multi-channel offer

At the same price as an Adwords campaign, the Print medium creates a more emotional connection with its customers with products presented in an original and differentiating way that you can enhance with augmented reality.

Free your communication on your points of sale!