On Tuesday, June 21, J2S hosted a webinar to launch its collection overview offer for the fashion industry.

What is a collection overview?


A collection overview is a detailed representation of the different pieces in the range of a collection. It allows style departments to have a global vision of the chosen designs, fabrics, colors, and accessories, but also to take into account the financial and technical aspects (factories to be involved, costs, materials to be used), etc. The collection overview can be organized according to certain criteria, such as a defined theme, a color scheme, a type of garment (shirts, accessories…), etc.

Why the fashion industry?


We have been working for several years with experts in the world of fashion such as Daté Tétégan, stylist and consultant trainer in Digital Fashion Design at Clic2mode, with whom we intervene on business issues encountered in fashion. With Daté, we have developed applications, extensions, and plug-ins for Adobe dedicated to designers in order to help them automate their creative process, including the creation of collection overviews.

Indeed, for design teams, the use of J2S Template Maker and Simple Workspace tools frees them from the time-consuming task associated with creating collection overviews, which represents 20% to 30% of their time.

Today, in order to meet tighter schedules, brands and design offices need to implement new digital strategies. Everything has to be optimized: the processes and time for creating models for future collections, coordination between teams, etc. This is why digital transformation is so important in the fashion world!

P.S.: To learn more about the importance of collection overviews, read this article which describes some of the problems encountered in the fashion industry.

About the webinar


The webinar was animated around the expertise of Daté Tétégan and Benjamin Chauvel, our Partnership Manager, who presented the performance of the Simple Workspace portal, the automation solutions, the update of information, etc.

Here is a list of the topics covered:

  • An overview of the visual collection overview process;
  • Efficient management of Illustrator sketches with J2S Template Maker, the plug-in for Illustrator developed in partnership with Daté;
  • The access and updating of product data from an information system, such as PLM (Product LifeCycle Management [1]);

A typical example of an update of product data:

  • Updating sketches following changes;
  • The principle of creation and updating of collection overviews;

A collection overview example:

  • The multi-channel declinations of publications, such as PDFs, sales books or e-commerce sites, etc.

Finally, the event ended with a Q&A session.

We are looking forward to the next edition, so stay tuned for our next webinar!


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Caroline Balavoine,
Marketing, Sales & CSM