Considering this unique situation our planet faces, at J2S, it is good to know that at all times we have always wanted to stay in control.

Stability is our priority in order to guarantee the service we provide to our customers.

Our technical choices reflect this state of mind.

The software bricks and tools deployed by the company are carefully mastered. For this reason, very early we decided to develop our own automatic layout engine.

In order to provide service to our customers, one of our main objectives is to manage a private cloud ourselves. The cloud infrastructure is implemented by our supplier, OVH, based in France. In addition, the geographical proximity of OVH allows us to have a close eye on the servers.

Our human choices are also in tune.

All the stakeholders of J2S – created more than 20 years ago – are still working full-time at J2S. Our team has remained fully operational from day one of lockdown. Home working has been in our company for several years; it is something we were prepared for.

We never stopped providing service to our customers. For example, Willemse France updated its graphic design, Asturienne and Point.P launched new catalogs, Cdl Elec produced its own, Altavia continued to develop its projects, and so on.

Please, feel free to rely on us.

Take care of yourself.

Jean-Yves Jourdain 
Co-founder of J2S