Simple Workspace

Automate your Production

Automate the layout and formatting of your documents.

Simple Runner

Simple Runner is a software component designed to create automatic page-layout solutions from structured data. 

The user creates a module which defines how to build the layout of a document using our J2S Module Editor shipped with the solution.
Simple Runner generates the final document combining the module with the data in the source file (e.g., XML).

Simple Runner is suitable for the production processes of any type of document with dynamic content: brochures, catalogs, product sheets, etc.

J2S Module editor 

J2S Module Editor is the application for creating the modules through a user-friendly interface and that does not require programming knowledge.

The module defines the hierarchical structure of a document and associated positioning rules. Each node in the hierarchical structure is a container. Nodes are associated with page items in InDesign to allow the designer to define graphical enhancements.

Are you looking to automate your documents?