Process and control the quality of your content.

A central hub of your multichannel communication, streamlines the flow of data, product sheet editing and organisation to optimize the presentation of your offer over all channels of an operation.


Connected with various sources (such as Excel, PIM, ERP…), Simple MOM detects and tracks data modifications even when already used in a publication.

Simple MOM is dynamic: the input process applies both to the data and the data model.


At the core of the offer creation process, Simple MOM brings great flexibility via operation-specific actions.

Simple MOM helps you gather and organize data from diverse sources, edit and add editorial information to finalize media-specific presentation choices to be used in the course of each operation.

Depending on their rights, users can preview the result of their actions at any time, to stay in control of the published offer.


Simple MOM works jointly with J2S publishing tools (InDesign document generation, mobile device publishing, interactive flipbooks…).

Simple MOM can also export its content to feed other platforms (e-commerce, aggregators, etc.).


Multichannel Consistency

Managing the offer information at the level of each operation, Simple MOM saves time and reduces errors thanks to a perfect consistency of the data communicated.

Any data changes (text, images, videos, flash) are replicated throughout all channels assigned to the operation.


Simple MOM saves time and reduces errors thanks to features, which enable users to duplicate existing operations (rerun, versioning…). Simple MOM reduces the studio workload, as users can immediately see the result of their work as it will appear on the media.

Security and integrity

Simple MOM, a Simple Workspace application, is accessible to authorized users from anywhere via a standard browser.

Simple MOM allows you to organize the offer data management for each operation without any risk of disrupting the master product information repository.


Simple MOM lowers the implementation cost of new projects.

Simple MOM parameters makes the adapt import processes easier resulting from various data sources in accordance to the requirements of an operation, hence limiting the need to resort to custom software development.