Stage, validate and annotate the layout of your content

Simple Brief is a collaborative software application designed to streamline the production of publishing marketing material.
Simple Brief helps the purchasing and marketing services to work together with the design studio to effectively stage your communication operation offers.


After adding the Simple Brief application to an operation, the administrator defines which users or groups of users can work on the document.

Document format and number of pages can be set, inherited from a template or simply copied from a previous operation.


The user defines the publication flatplan, the number of products with their position and dedicated surface in each page. In more complex organizations, this brief will result in a draft to be validated by another user within the workflow.

The offer can then be published to be laid out automatically or sent to the design studio in order to be fine-tuned.


Simple Brief runs in line with a workflow according to specific steps and milestones to help follow-up the operation production process.


Fast user adoption

Easy to use, Simple Brief adoption is very fast thanks to a streamlined user interface designed for intuitive handling by users.

Defining surfaces and positioning products in pages are achieved by simple drag&drop.

Faster time to publish

Simple Brief helps you shorten your document production cycle and makes it easy to reuse content:

  • Start from an existing operation to create a new edition or version;
  • Automate the generation of your offer for other media (mobile devices, flipbooks…).


Easy to integrate in your environment, Simple Brief features a set of APIs to automate tasks such as the creation of documents starting from external data sources.