Optimize the creation, organization and export of Illustrator document artboards with J2S Template Maker

J2S Template Maker is an extension for Adobe Illustrator used by stylists, graphic designers and model makers as well as product developers who contribute to the creation of technical data sheets.  J2S Template Maker is the ideal solution for creating lightweight and easy to maintain Illustrator documents in collaborative mode to feed third-party systems such as PLMs.


Optimize collaborative work

Create named sections and artboards automatically according to the users needs. Easily group and order artboards within the sections dedicated to each business operators. Rest assured, you will be notified when you open a document that is already being modified.

Enjoy better readability 

Reduce errors by identifying sections and artboards at a glance using automatically created headers in the document.
Save time with dynamic updates of the layout when artboards are added, moved or deleted.

Feed your PLM

Automatically export the content of artboards created or updated in the various standard formats (jpeg, png, etc.) to feed external applications (PLM, DAM, etc.).

And also save storage space and processing speed with file size alerts when saving documents.

Note: A data sheet gathers all the stylistic and technical information of a product: black and white flat sketches, style details, colour variants, technical details, measurements, assembly sections, fine-tuning comments from photos.

J2S Template Maker was designed with the help of Daté Tetegan, a leading consultant in the fashion industry.

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