Simple Workspace offer management

Simple Mom

Process and control the quality of the content of your offers to be published.

A powerful tool

As a central hub for omnichannel communication, Simple MOM simplifies the import and enrichment of data to organize and optimize the process of presenting the offer on various channels.

Simple Mom offer data management


Linked to various sources (Excel, PIM, ERP, etc.), Simple MOM identifies and manages data changes even when they are already used in a publication.
Simple MOM is flexible and dynamic: the data is fed as much as the data model that describes it.


Inside the publication offer

Simple MOM provides great flexibility with differentiated processing from one operation to another.
Simple MOM manages the process of collecting data, adding information, and completing the presentation choices specific to an operation. Under the rights control, the user can preview the final version to ensure the work is done in real-time.



Simple MOM is directly used by J2S publishing tools (InDesign generation, digital tablet applications, interactive flipbook…).
Simple MOM can export content in streams to feed other platforms (e-commerce sites, content editors…).

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Benefits of offer management

Omnichannel consistency

With offer management at the level of each operation, Simple MOM saves time and reduces mistakes thanks to the complete consistency of the data communicated. Indeed, each modification of the offer data (texts, images, videos, flash) applies to the channels registered in the operation.


Simple MOM has features that enable duplication of completed tasks ( repeat tasks, translations…).

Simple MOM reduces the number of exchanges with the studio: the user can visualize the result in real-time in the support system provided by the company.

Security and privacy

Simple MOM, a Simple Workspace application, is accessible from anywhere with a common browser, under rights control.

Simple MOM allows you to distribute the management of offers and data according to the operation, without compromising the integrity of the data in the master database.


Simple MOM reduces the cost of new project implementations.

It can be easily configured to combine data from multiple workflows defined according to operational needs, with limited need for specific developments.

Automate your document production

Simple Workspace is a collaborative portal that allows you to integrate your data and create the workflows required to automatically generate your documents (catalogs, product data sheets, technical data sheets, POS POP/IOP displays, labels, and leaflets).

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