Streamline your production environment with Simple Workspace.

Simple Workspace is a SaaS collaborative platform for communication & marketing services.

Designed as a production-oriented customer relationship management solution, Simple Workspace streamlines the working environment granting access to data and applications to each user and operation.


Customer relationship

 Simple Workspace makes it easy to collaborate enabling you to involve your customers and subcontractors in an even more dynamic and efficient production process.


Simple Workspace boosts the productivity of all stakeholders as the work is focused on the production process and on tasks with high added value. See in real time all actions to be performed with the interactive Dashboard.


Simple Workspace creates user-dedicated environments to help focus on your core business.

The adoption of Simple Workspace is very fast thanks to a straightforward user interface.

Integration and scalability

Simple Workspace is a multi-tenant portal accessible via a standard web browser. It features business applications (catalogue publishing, validation, translation…) in connection with the corporation information systems (eg. ERP, PIM, PLM, Excel…). All data and assets are centralized to be easily published on all adequate channels.

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