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Stylists & fashion designers

Put together, collect products, images, and colors, and create collection books and overviews.

Here are the main issues related to the production of collection books and overviews in the fashion and design industry

    • Quickly modify images
    • Gather fragmented information
    • Have a clean and readable final product
    • Produce faster, save time
    • Easily produce collection books overviews

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We have developed J2S Template Maker which is an extension for Adobe Illustrator that enables the creation of lightweight Illustrator documents that can be easily updated in a collaborative process.

Our solution is adapted to the requirements and problems of stylists and product managers wishing to create collection books and overviews.

Save time and increase your productivity

Speed up the production of media and increase the amount of time spent on high-creative tasks.

Automate all your documents

Choose from a variety of models to meet your specific needs.

Improve precision and accuracy

Gain accuracy and precision on the information sent: image, description, SKU, reference, price, Pantone…

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Productivity issues in the fashion design industry

Productivity issues in the fashion design industry

J2S is recognized as a worldwide expert in the development of InDesign and InDesign Server, expertise which we implement throughout Simple Workspace. But our knowledge also extends to historical applications (Acrobat, Photoshop, etc.) now integrated into the Adobe...

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