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Simple Brief

The flatplan to stage, fine-tune, annotate and validate the page layout for your content.


Simple Brief is a collaborative software application designed to streamline the print publishing production. Simple Brief helps connect the teams together (newsroom and typesetters, product managers, marketeers and graphic designers, etc.) to give life to content on the publication pages.


Add Simple Brief to an operation and define which users or groups of users is allowed to work on the publication.

The document format, its number of pages can be set, inherited from a template publication or simply copied from a previous operation.

Laying-out content

The publication pages can be assigned to different users so they can allocate a surface for their products or articles in each page. The level of automation is for you to decide according to the creativity you require. Of course, the designers can, at any time, fine-tune the pages with their desktop version of Adobe InDesign.


Define the workflow that best suits your organization: each page can go through the stages of a more or less complex workflow to be approved by different user roles.
The workflow milestones are linked to the Dashboard to help follow-up the operation production process.


Fast user adoption

Easy to use, Simple Brief adoption is very fast thanks to a streamlined user interface designed for intuitive handling by users.
Defining surfaces and positioning content in pages are achieved by simple drag&drop.

Faster time to publish

Simple Brief helps you shorten your publishing production cycle and makes it easy to reuse content.

  • Reuse an existing operation to create a new edition or language version;
  • Automate the generation for other channels (mobile devices, flipbooks…).


Simple Brief manages all types of production workflows: whether they are created in connection to databases or by a graphic studio, pages are centralized in one place to enter proofreading workflows, with page authoring and translation workflows if needed.

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