Simple Workspace

Simple DAM

Centralize your marketing assets.

Your assets at your fingertips

At the core of your communication, Simple DAM is the Simple Workspace app that centralizes and manages the assets of any publishing operation.


Gather files

Import your files by simple drag & drop in Simple DAM, grouped in a zip archive or not, as you like.

Simple DAM then enables you to organize your assets according to your organization’s needs. Edit metadata to improve the relevance of your users’ query results



Simple DAM is perfectly integrated with our Content Publishing app, Simple MOM, to provide industrial-level validation workflows for your assets.

For example, users can categorizes product views (profile, facing, overview, color…) to optimize the quality of your product sheets.



Simple DAM works jointly with J2S publishing tools (product information management, editorial content management, InDesign document generation…).
Simple MOM can also export assets to feed other platforms (photo color management, merchant sites, aggregators…).



Simple DAM adapts to your production style: it can manage the assets at each operation level or in a more global way.

Quality control is centralized for an optimized usage all over your publications.


Security and integrity

Simple DAM, a Simple Workspace application, is available to authorized users via a standard browser.
Simple DAM makes it possible to distribute the asset management to meet the needs of each operation.



Simple DAM lowers the implementation cost of new projects.
Simple DAM parameters makes it easy to accomodate the asset workflow requirements of an operation, hence limiting the need for custom development.

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