” 10 days of preparation and the production started “

The context

Willemse France “Your garden’s heart” is a catalog sales company created in 1962. Specialized in seeds and plants,the brand is renowned among gardeners. Willemse France strengthens its visibility through its website, its catalogs, its private sales and its market place.

The challenges

Produce a first catalog in the space of a few weeks, in the context of a change of graphic design, tool (Adobe InDesign vs XPress) and printer.

A successful challenge, since the project started in March and was successfully delivered to the printer on June 15.

The scenario

The J2S solution is connected to Willemse France’s DAM and PIM. For each new release, the products are simply dragged into the flatplan, then the pages are ready to be printed; the rest are adjusted slightly graphically using Adobe InDesign. The workflow supports the production of approved pages, proofreading, etc. Finally, the J2S platform automatically produces PDFs suited for printers. Each catalog can then be renewed for a new season, on the basis of automatic updates.

J2S's contribution


As a result of the production speed already achieved, Willemse France is able to plan significant time savings for future productions and great flexibility in the graphic design, for a constant adaptation of the distributor’s offer at all times in accordance with market trends. 

Willemse France’s catalog

A product layout in various arrangements


The Flatplan

A tool for sharing and follow-up of the production.