Business sectors

Studios, agencies & printers

Create and strengthen the association with your customers, and optimize your print publishing processes.

Agencies’ problems with the production of catalogs and brochures 

  • Proofreading cycles are too long: they now take up 2/3 of production time
  • The willingness of clients to invest more in proofreading
  • Strong pressure to reduce time to market
  • Reduce low-added-value tasks
  • Devote more time to strategy and creativity

Our solutions for agencies, studios, and printers

Ensure seamless exchanges with a collaborative approach that reduces non-value-added tasks for agencies to free up time for creative tasks.

Centralize content and assets

Recover your customers’ content and assets for easy reuse on all communication media.

Customize the environment for your customers

To simplify the learning process, expose your different business applications according to the target users and the operations concerned. Create a customized pre-media platform for each of your customers.


Invite your clients to participate progressively in the production: first validate the pages, then as needed, to allow them to make their own corrections.

Richard Loubéjac

Richard Loubéjac

Co-founder of J2S

Need to work on the document with InDesign on your computer for more creativity? Retrieve one or more pages of the document to finalize them or to review the layout locally. When the page(s) are dropped back into the platform, the changes made are instantly visible to everyone involved.”

 Make your proofreading cycles easy and efficient!