The J2S collaborative production platform now makes the translation of InDesign documents easier.
To publish creative documents e.g. sheets, leaflets, leaflets, marketing materials… manufacturers and their marketing departments need to manage language versions with up-to-date translations.
Agencies resort to translators to ensure high quality translations. However, the production is often impacted by multiple exchanges between the various participants, a very time-consuming process with no added value.

How to optimise a quality document translation shared between different people working on the same document?

Translation support allows you to:


Manage translations automatically


Switch from one translation to another in a short time, thanks to the management of several languages, documents are localized and translations are integrated into your masters, are available in the targeted languages and are immediately integrated into the platform.


Centralize translations


How much time do you spend re-translating your documents when you could simply centralize all this work?
To facilitate the translation or pre-translation of your documents, import the texts directly from your Excel or native files into the platform and save time. You will no longer have to create a new document, as everything will be centralized within the platform. You can then simply export the ready-to-print file.


Simplify exchanges


Allow all parties involved to act and manage the translation and the follow-up of the document until the final validation in complete serenity.
J2S Studio Publish-In Suite offer industrializes the production process: exchanges are streamlined and allow all the participants to collaborate smoothly around the translation of your documents.

With Studio Publish-In, your translations are managed in a short time!

To find out more, discover the video.