A new website focused on Simple Workspace

After several months of testing and reflection, the summer allowed us to finalize the redesign of our site. Our collaborative publication production portal deserved to be better highlighted. The content of the new version of the site is more focused on themes related to our main product Simple Workspace: understanding the needs of the different print professions, the applications of the power of such a production tool, the Adobe expertise that allows us to manage Adobe InDesign and its server version, etc. We took the opportunity to update the visuals, the choice of colors ( with a pretty blue as a reminder of the old version of the portal), and especially our baseline, more direct, which became “Your data, your print“.


“Creating bonds” is an important value for J2S, it’s even our DNA!
Simple Workspace was also created to simplify the exchanges between different stakeholders of a print project, meaning also to strengthen the ties.
You will find this DNA on the whole site, in the visuals, as well as in the menu dedicated to our “Community” our partners, and throughout our blog posts.

Simple Workspace was designed for publishing needs.

Simple Workspace answers to all kinds of publishing issues, whether it is in the world of commercial communication, publishing, fashion, etc. Some examples are highlighted on the homepage with a carousel.
Look carefully, your domain should be represented there!

Just like J2S and its solutions, the website will continue to change to offer you news, tips, and much more.

Want to know more about the print industry? Its benefits on the marketing mix? Its impact on ROI? Get tips on using InDesign? To read tech-related posts?
Take a look at our website and discover all kinds of articles dedicated to the print industry. Visit our blog.

Enjoy your tour! 🙂


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Are you facing a particular challenge in the production of publications?
Simple Workspace can help you.
Contact us, we’ll be happy to answer your questions.


Caroline Balavoine,
Marketing, Sales & CSM