Publish-In Simple Workspace upgrades to enhance the user experience!

Here are some of the new features:

  • Depending on the rights you are assigned, you can choose between several skins and customize the colors of the display to have the environment that suits him/her;


    • The User Dashboard: sequence your work according to the production deadlines you fix to each of your projects using the task list displayed by the notification center.
    • The Simple MOM application designed to manage product sheets has been upgraded with “supply management”. Dynamise the layout of your tables from the product data, by choosing the attributes and criteria to be highlighted. Cross-tabulations become very easy. In this way, you can design your product offers according to your different publication media.


    • The Simple “Runner” application, the automatic automatic content placement system in the flatplan, now offers two generation modes to adapt the different media of your operations (catalogues, POS, labels, etc.):
      • The placement is made according to the information in the product sheet (page number and position); the grid most adapted to the number of products assigned to the page is automatically selected before placement;
      • The selected product sheets are placed one after the other using page modules. For instance, this generation mode allows you to plan free locations for advertisements.
      • The Simple DAM application (Digital Asset Management) is the most up-to-date application:
        • Enjoy a more relevant search with the advanced search;
        • Collaborate with the help of color tags on assets;
        • Create and share folders with other users;
        • Invite your suppliers to deposit their assets using the drop-down areas accessible through a single link.
      • With the Time Machine tool of the Simple Brief application, access the old versions of the pages of your documents and compare the texts from one version to another to secure your production.